“Setting aside time each day to become absorbed in just being- in the present moment, alone in nature, - will leave you refreshed and refocused. 
Like a pilgrim going to church, I go outdoors for the prayer that drawing and observing nature offer me. The primordial urge is to Become
One, to flee to the arms of Nature, to draw dabbling ducks, preening geese, azalea blossoms, and  silhouettes of great blue herons. 
Nothing spectacular, everything spectacular. The essential magic occurs when pencil meets paper and the eye really sees a tree. 
The Process of Seeing is what counts, not how good a drawing Is. Being A Witness brings a sense of belonging, of compassion, of responsibility.” 
-Clare Walker Leslie

Now in our 13th  year, the ArtisTRY Studio's Art Safari nature program is a unique, half day program where children experiment in art, craft projects, outdoor explorations and observational drawing to connect them to the environment.  

Each day, children spend at least 90 minutes outside, using their powers of observation, and record their daily adventures in a personal field journal using pencil, watercolor and other art materials. 

As part of the instruction,the students engage in an outdoor exploration and then creating art, during, and in response to their experience. This encourages observation, critical thinking, learning about various environments and personal expression. 

Students are a part of a small group of mixed aged children.  A 6 year old will be drawing with an 8 year old and maybe even a 10 year old. Siblings have the opportunity to experience the day together and  older children mentor the younger. 

This is a wonderful chance for your child to become comfortable in the stillness of nature, learn to see the beauty and adventure in everyday things and have a safe and rewarding summer experience.

Art Safari Nature Program is for youth ages 6-14
four memorable weeks of art/science and nature education
Please call  Karen 617-699-2607 for more information

Cost per week: $ 330.00 except week of July 17th:  $265
Karen Dillon-Art Educator 
Olivia Sorenson, Rachel Dillon- Nature Assistants

Lesson fee includes: artist quality supplies, crafting materials, snack and a hard covered field sketch book

Program is a 1/2 day from 9:00-1:30 PM with an option of extended day in the studio 
or your home when pre-arranged with my teen assistant.

I only accept 12 students per class week.

I am first aid and CPR certified, CORI Checked and have at least one assistant with me at all times.

Sibling discount of $25.00 per family

Art Safari Nature Program 2017
Available spaces updated on 3-18-17

July 17-20 (4 day week!) Building with Nature (4 spaces open.)
Imagine a time long ago when people made the things they needed using only natural materials. These skills may be disappearing,
but they are not yet lost! Come learn how to build a boat, paint brushes, a shelter, fairy houses, and many other items using only
raw materials from nature. Can you paint bark? Rocks? You’ll be amazed by what you create!
Our creative projects will explore all we learn in both 2D and 3D .

Aug 14-18 -The Art of Nature (2 spaces open) 
Are you awed and inspired by the beauty of nature? Then get ready to bring out the natural artist and scientist in you! Learn
how the great artists, writers, and thinkers used nature as their inspiration. You’ll hike through the woods like Thoreau, explore the ponds, watch birds like Audubon, and paint the sky like Chuira Obata Along the way, listen to excerpts from great works of literature, study artwork, artist's biographies and spend time journaling and drawing to document our impressions!Arts & crafts, games, projects and science exploration will aid in helping to understand the art of nature. Creative projects will explore all we learn in both 2D and 3D.

Aug 28-Sept 1 :Natures Soundscapes (2 spaces open)
Rushing water, chirping crickets, and the rustling wind are just a few of the sounds that we hear in nature. Campers will discover that nature has many different sounds.We will learn about a man who has been collecting nature soundscapes for over 40 years and what he has discovered. Campers will get an earful about nature’s sounds and will talk your ear off with all the facts they hear! Arts & crafts, games, projects and science exploration will aid in helping to understand the sounds of nature. Our creative projects will explore all we learn in both 2D and 3D . They will learn how to recreate these sounds with different crafts during the week. Campers participate in drum circles, make rain and bird sounds, and play fun games outside.

A typical Art Safari Day:

9:00 am Arrival, warm up exercises, drawing and science lesson with Karen

9:30-11:30 Walk to drawing sites with Karen, &  field sketching in a outdoor setting ( weather permitting) or 
imaginative and observational drawing lesson inside (in case of rain).

11:30-11:45  Show and share sketchbooks with Karen, nature/animal video

11:45-12:15 Lunch with Karen and assistants

12:15 Studio project instruction with Karen

12:15-1:30 Studio/Craft project  movement/reflection and wrap up (studio is air conditioned) with Karen

1:30 pick up time

Because we will be outside every morning and walking to our outdoor drawing sites,your children should wear:

•comfortable, weather appropriate clothing 

•socks, sneakers or walking shoes

•rain slicker or boots when appropriate

•sunscreen and bug spray

•Water bottle 

•Lunch (must be peanut/tree nut free)

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Art Safari Nature Program 2017
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