Over the years I have studied different types of art both formally and informally, and have worked hard to merge all of my knowledge into a solid teaching curriculum. 

I have studied classical watercolor  at Lesley University, taught by Marjorie Glick www.marjorieglick.com , advanced watercolor with  Andrew Kusmin , stained glass with Michel L’Huillier , Mosaic with Ariel Finelt-Shoemaker and am currently studying with Paul George at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society.In terms of what forms of  creative expression I enjoy most, it would have to be watercolor painting.  There is something about the luminosity and fluidity of watercolor paint that captures my interest.

These are some of the paintings that I have created over the years:
(sorry for the flash glare and tilted photography in some)

Some of Karen's Art Work
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